Cleansing Response Part II: Detoxification

Over time, our bodies accumulate toxins – from pesticides and other chemicals in processed foods, from impure air and water, from medications, from poor digestion and elimination, etc. 

Whenever the metabolism isn’t able to remove a toxic molecule, it must store it in the body, typically in the liver or fatty tissues. Later, when the metabolism is stronger because of better nutrition, exercise, improved hormone balance, reduced stress, ect. it will start to flush out the stored toxins. This “cleaning response” is part of the body’s natural health building process.

For most people, this process presents no problem. They notice only positive benefits or slightly temporary discomfort and then positive benefits predominate.

A few people find they don’t notice much at all for up to two to four months of taking supplements. Then there is often a major shift in how they feel. The initial cleansing response explains how this can happen.