Understanding the energy profile, part II

The section called sugars shows your actual reading and the balanced reading above it. You want to get your reading as close to 1.5 as possible, provided that the balance is also as close as possible. Ideally, the actual sugar would be the same as the balanced; however once you are able to get it within .8 of the balance, you will experience much more steady, even energy throughout your days. The sugar reading measure how well your body metabolizes sugars and things that turn to sugar 9grain, starch, fruit). If you are above 1.5, it means you are not able to use these carbohydrates well for energy and a residue of sludge from the unmetabolized carbs are stressing your system. If the actual sugar is larger than the balance, it may mean diabetic risk. If the sugar reading is more than .8 of the balance, there is a tendency for the pancreas to be hyperactive and overworking in making insulin. That can mean that the cells get less energy, oxygen, and nutrients then they need along with less ability to release their toxic substances. The adrenal glands (our stress glands), play a big role in the balancing of the sugar. Saliva pH represents in the profile can reveal the functional tendencies of all the stages of digestion. It also represents the lover’s interaction with the digestion and its filtration of toxins out of the blood.

The urine PH represents elimination through bowel and kidneys. If the bowel and/or kidneys are overstressed, it can mean a loss of the necessary minerals of the body. If they are not keeping up with the amount of the toxins that need to be filtered or carried out of the body. If they are not keeping up with the amount of toxins that need to be filtered or carried out of the body, toxins can start to come out through the skin, or the mucous membrane that lines sinuses, nose, mouth, throat, lungs, bladder, prostate gland, and/or vagina. In this case, toxins might also be stored in fat cells so the body makes more the more fat cells to store the toxins away from vital organs. The body will also send water into the tissue spaces to dilute the toxins, leading to the feeling of water retention.