Understanding the energy profile, part III

The actual body pH shows the acidity or alkalinity of the body. The acceptable body pH is where the body needs to be. If the actual body pH is lower than the acceptable it indicates a tendency for more rapid degeneration and weakened organs. If the body pH is more that .3 point higher that the acceptable indicates a tendency for congestive reaction, but not advanced to the stage where the organs are weakened. Toxins can’t be released properly when the elimination organs are reacting in this allergy type fashion. Correction is important so the organs don’t become overtired/weakened.

The salts section measures the sum total of both good mineral salts and caustic toxic salts. If the number is above 7, it indicates a tendency for toxic salts to be present. If the actual reading is larger than balanced, salt and water tend to be trapped in the tissue. Toxic salts in the tissues always cause stress, irritation, and ultimate damage to tissues. They also blocked the nutrients, oxygen, and energy from getting into the cells. Thus cells damage and die too soon. The adrenal glands play big role in the balance of salts. If the salt reading is under the balance, it indicates a tendency for tired adrenals and/or a lack of essential minerals.