Understanding the energy profile part IV

Cell debris indicates the tendency of the body to cast off damaged cells. The higher the number, the more cells have died and must be replaced. The critical question is, does the body have enough energy and raw material to replace them?

Nitrogen nitrate is an indication of toxins being released by fungal parasites (yeast) that live in our gastrointestinal tract. The higher the number, the larger the colony of unfriendly organisms making over 77 toxic substances our bodies have to eliminate or store. These organisms are present in everyone and live mainly on excess sugar and carbohydrate foods, but can mutate to eat proteins as well. They trigger our appetite center to eat what feeds them. When the colony gets large enough, they can stimulate an excessive hunger or craving that lead to over eating.

Their toxins cause much havoc throughout the body and impair the digestion. Then they eat what we don’t digest and their colony gets even larger. Some people also develop sensitivity/inflammatory reactions in their organs/tissue to fungal waste products. Antibiotics and steroid type drugs encourage fungal growth. Sometimes there are large bodied parasites present that contribute to the nitrate reading as well.