Understanding the energy profile, part V

Ammonia Nitrogens are older, deeper, even more damaging toxins also related to parasites of various kinds. Most parasites are microscopic. They overgrow in an unbalanced biochemistry. The parasites are much more prevalent and damaging then most sources indicates. As the  biochemistry becomes more balanced, the body is no longer as hospitable to these organisms and they die freeing us of their damaging toxins. This die off does, however, cause cleansing reactions where we feel worse temporarily. Metabolic efficiency, reserve energy, biological age, adverse relationship, and speed of decline are shown/explained on the energy category sheet.

Each time you visit or send specimens, an energy category reading will be done. The frequency that these are needed is dependent on each individual situation and becomes less as the biochemistry comes into balance. Generally the younger (biological age) the person, the faster they balance. If a person is ill, on drugs, has had surgeries or accidents, smokes, etc. the process will take longer. Each person differs in the speed of cleansing and healing depending on these factors and others such as genetic constitution, mineral reserve, as well as psychological, emotional, stress, and spirituals factors etc.