Deb has helped me achieve optimal health. Before Deb I had no idea what would help me to feel my best. She has provided her knowledge to help me feel and be healthier!



I feel grateful to have found Deb Cyrel and the Vital Living Center in Janesville, Wisconsin. Deb understands my particular health concerns well. She is supportive and offers thorough guidance about food choices and supplements. I appreciate getting regular lab results that Deb explains in detail. This helps me grasp my current condition and the steps that are needed. I was pleased that I began improving quickly after starting with Deb a year ago. My energy improved, my digestion improved, and I feel optimistic that it will continue. I recommend Deb very highly. My testimonial is true and I am pleased to work with you, Deb!

- Amy A.


My husband’s cholesterol dropped so much that his cardiologist cut his medication in half. And will check him again in April to see if she can stop it totally. My cholesterol has dropped too and I have lost 20.6 pounds in 6 weeks. We also joined a fitness club and go 4-5 times a week. Thanks for getting us started.

- Cindy M.


Debbie is very knowledgeable, in fact being a professional athlete I have never met anyone with the wisdom and intuition Deb has. Allow Debbie’s wisdom to change your life so you can feel the best you’ve ever felt. I am grateful for Debbie’s education and attitude. See her and feel your energy move to levels you only dreamt of. I did it for me – do it for you!

- Joey O.


I met Debbie about twelve years ago. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other health problems. The doctors sent me home to die. Due to Debbie’s patient and personalized approach to wellness, I have not only lived to see this day, but have improved tremendously. My sensitivities are greatly decreased and I am able to live a productive and happy life, in spite of my limitations.Debbie takes meticulous care with each of her clients, tailoring their wellness plan to their needs and abilities. She listens carefully and does not give up until she finds a way to help. I have recommended Debbie to many of my friends who are seeking to feel better via natural methods. Our whole family has been helped by Debbie, and we will continue to be seen by her in order to maintain our highest level of health that is possible.I would confidently recommend Debbie to anyone who seeks to improve their health.

- KM

Deb has been my “go to gal” for everything from what to drink, to what to eat, to what to “think” (positive affirmations etc.) She is an amazing support system. She has even checked over my food diary daily through email. I have  had blood work done through her connections with Life Extensions. She found that I had thyroid issues when doctors told me my levels  were “within normal limits” and now I am not tired.  Deb is there for YOU, her client. For her it is about helping others to get on the road to excellent health and happiness. I have referred many people to her and will continue to do so as I have not found anyone else who is as dedicated to my well being.

- Kathy Z.



Hello, Deb. I want to thank you once again for all your help in bringing my nutritional life into balance.  Your wisdom and insight, your thorough analysis, your constant responsiveness to my many questions, your program of supplements have helped me to reverse years of unhealthy nutritional patterns. You are a consummate professional in what is, in my view, the most critical area of personal health.

- Bob Zuckert


I had suffered with asthma and allergies for years. I had wonderful doctors who did their very best to treat the symptoms that I had, but they did not have a way to help me return to health.   When another symptom appeared, it would mean adding another type of medication.  I was on daily inhaler for the asthma, pills for the allergies, steroids when in an especially difficult spot, and often antibiotics, as well as an “emergency” inhaler for those especially challenging times.   I would catch cold after cold during the cold and flu season, which would mean a round of antibiotics, steroids, time off work, and sometimes, pneumonia. I even had a handicap parking sticker, as I could not walk far in the cold weather without having the asthma become challenging once again. The allergies seemed to increase with each passing year:   people’s perfumes would make me leave social situations, I always checked if people had a cat before being able to visit, and being outside with the pollens was increasingly difficult.I started seeing Debbie, I must admit, in desperation.   She used the Reams testing methods, and talked to me about diet, supplements, and ways to work on getting healthy again.   I slowly started making these changes, and some of them were challenging for me, (I love sugar), but I found as I listened to her advice, changed my diet, added the supplements, my body slowly began changing as well.   I began to feel different, perhaps stronger when I ate healthy, and wasn’t as tired all the time.   I began to see progress, such as not having antibiotics each time I got sick; then progressing to not getting sick as often; then more progress to rarely getting sick; to finally being able to be off the asthma medications and steroids. In the Spring of 2007, at my checkup with my Dr., he took me off all asthma and allergy medications, with the exception of the emergency inhaler, (which an asthmatic should always carry.)I had a checkup with my asthma dr this past spring of 2009, and when he did a pulmonary breathing test, it was at 95% Last night, I visited friends that have both cats and dogs… for the entire evening, and no medication!   It is absolutely wonderful to be able to breathe once again, and I truly feel it is due to Debbie and her guidance to help me return to health.