Juicing – For or Against? & Why

Juicing – For or Against??

It is a popular belief that juicing is so very good for you. Not necessarily, is what I say, as does Dr. Russell Blaylock.

I love Dr.Russell Blaylock (see info on Dr.Russell Blaylock, ttp://eatfatandgrowthin.blogspot.com/2011/12/russell-l.html), As he states you will typically only absorb about 20-30% of the nutrients.

When eating raw veggies. So why not juice right? Juicing eliminates the much needed fiber. The fiber is needed to slow down the rate at which the body absorbs the sugar. The Juicing is also high in sugars and that comes with a host of side effects.

So what I recommend to you and my clients, is blending your veggies. As Dr. Blaylock states you will absorb 80-90% of the nutrients and add the benefits of the fiber. Make most of them nutrient dense cruciferous veggies. Add some warm chicken broth for soup like consistency.

“Extra notes – It removes the fiber and leaves the sugar. So for the highest possible nutrient availability, blending is the best choice. When people eat the whole food they usually don’t chew it well enough to break the food down and they don’t usually have enough digestive enzymes that’s needed to digest it properly. Blending breaks it down into smaller particles, therefor requiring the body to make less digestive enzymes for digestion of food.”