Reasons Why You Should Get Nutritional Testing

Why do nutritional testing?

  • Find out calcium needs for your body chemistry

  • Find out what you are digesting or not digesting

  • Find out if your body is assimilating nutrients

  • Find out vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • Find out if blood sugar is high, low or normal

  • Find out if your body is supporting excess yeast candidiasis) or parasites

  • Find out if there is excess stress on internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, colon or gall bladder

  • Find out the health level of the liver and gall bladder

  • Find out if your body’s environment may be supporting:

    • circulatory problems

    • high blood pressure

    • low blood pressure

    • arthritis

    • weight gain

    • high cholesterol

    • kidney/gall stones

Perfect Health Equation target numbers are:

  • (a) Sugar 1.5 (measured by sugar refractometer = carbohydrate utilization)

  • (b-c) urine pH 6.40 – – saliva pH 6.40 (reveals Cations & Anions Resistence)

  • (d) urine Salt 6 – 7 C

  • (e) urine Albumen .04M (reveals basic change of worn-out cells)

  • (f-g) Urea 3/3 (reveals undigested Proteins)