Understanding the energy profile, part I

The energy profile is a tool to help understand tendencies in an individual’s biochemistry that can predispose to either health or disease. It helps in determining the specific nutritional/health practice needs of the particular individual. It is a tracking tool to monitor the body’ process of the cleansing and healing.

The equation at the top of the page is the ideal equation if someone is in 100% perfect health. Dr. Carey Reams, who first worked with the testing in the early part of the century was a Christian man who stated that only Jesus Christ, when He walked the earth had such an equation. We, however, can use it as a measure of how close to perfect health we are becoming.

Your actual urine/saliva numbers are shown in the dark outlined parts of the second equation given. They are obtained through the use of various instruments specific to the particular measurement needed. The other numbers are the balanced numbers, which show where your numbers would read if your equation were balanced. As you work with the program and your equation moves closer to the balancing within itself, you will experience the increase of a signs in your body of improving health. Lets look at each section for a little more information.