Affirmations For A Healthy Body Part I

Disease of the body results from dis-ease in the mind!
Eastern societies have long recognized this link and their medicinal techniques reflect a much more “holistic” approach to healing. It is a reality that our thoughts are closely linked to our physical bodies, dysfunction in one is often reflected in the other. Western medicine tends to treat symptoms, sometimes successfully, “making it go away”, but fail to treat the cause, raising the possibility of recurrence in one form or another.
Mind-Body Link and Causes of Illness
Largely indicated by scientific evidence now shows that the immune system, previously thought of as the prime internal defense system, actually works closely with both the nervous and endocrine systems to do it’s job to support and protect the body. These findings clearly indicate that our mind and our emotions can influence illness.
Not every affirmation will resonate with everyone so pick the ones that feel comfortable for you and make a habit of saying or writing them several times a day. They can also be used as a mantra or made into a little song that will stick with you, Have fun!

“I am healthy and whole”
Every day in every way, I am getting better and better!!
I feel calm and relaxed and I know that my body is healing now
God gave me a healthy body and in gratitude, I take care Good of myself.
I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.
I AM living a long and healthy Life.
I eat healthy, nutritious, and digestible food every day.
The water I drink is helping me to heal every day.
I have a healthy spirit, mind and body.
I have a healthy heart and a strong set of lungs.
My strong body has fully recovered and healed.
I love myself and I am safe and healthy.