Low Cellular Energy (Low Blood Sugar) Part I

Pancreas – Adrenal – Liver Coordination Paying Dues for Sugar Blues

Taken from article by Dr. Edward Bauman and Mary Claire Blakeman (additions and edits by Dianna Pardee, RN ND)

If you wake up tired, experience erratic mood swings, and cannot focus your attention, you could be experiencing a low cellular – energy condition. Some sources call this condition hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

It can affect all of us to varying degrees at different times and it is a signal of physiological imbalance within the body. This disturbance is the price one pays for the high-stress lifestyle in which real nutritional needs are continually unmet. When the roof falls in on your mental, emotional, and physical health, low cellular energy has caught up with you.

Contrary to the assumption that a high sugar intake raises one’s energy levels (which it does only for a short time), the overall effect of sugar is to lower energy drastically, as the body overcompensates due to stressed pancreas – adrenal – liver coordination.

In a condition of optimal health, the body’s glandular system secrets

hormones that hold the level of glucose in the body relatively constant. Among the biggest affronts to this naturally balanced system are refined carbohydrates, especially granulated sugar and white flour products. Refined sugar is difficult for the body to metabolize properly, and poses as acute problem. Over consumption of carbohydrates is equally problematic.