How Pantothenic Acid (B-vitamin) Supports The Adrenals

Pantothenic Acid is a B-vitamin which supports the adrenals.


 The adrenal glands are located one on top of each kidney.

 They are our stress glands that help us cope with internal and external stresses, both physical and mental.  They interact with the sympathetic nervous system which gets our vital organs to respond in small or large emergencies.  Nutritional imbalances impacting the adrenals can trigger the emergency response for no good reason causing tendencies toward anxiety, nervousness, palpitations, jumpiness, restless legs, irritability, crying easily, panic, insomnia, restlessness, racing thoughts, hypoglycemia, depression, and , also fatigue/exhaustion.

 In addition, the adrenals have other vital functions that may be impaired if the stress function is overworked, if there is increased toxin exposure (internal or eternal),and/or if nutrition is inadequate due to intake or poor assimilation or both.

 The additional jobs the adrenals do are:

 1. They manufacture mineral corticoids that should balance builders and communicators in the body.  For instance, mineral corticoids help insure calcium to the bone and magnesium to the muscles. They balance our electrical system with sodium and potassium so our nerve impulses are adequate. They manage our salt and water balance to prevent water retention. They must get the proper mineral to the proper place at the proper time.

 2. They make glucocorticoids, which help our pancreas and liver coordinate insulin production with glucose control in our blood.  They especially prevent overproduction of insulin, which can fatigue the pancreas and the individual.

 3. They make cortisol, which is our natural anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and mood elevation hormone.  You can understand what happens if you don’t have enough of this!

4. They make sexual steroidal hormones, which communicate to the` male and female organs to produce healthy functioning.  In women, after menopause, they should produce adequate levels of estrogen. Menstrual regulation and fertility depend on them.  Prostate health and male hair growth patterns need well-balanced adrenal function.