Why Vitamin B6 Is Essential For Your Health

Vitamin B6 is essential in innumerable body activities.

It is a Natural Diuretic (moves toxic salts that foster water retention at the intercellular

level). It is a Mood Stabilizer (facilitates release of liver and muscle glycogen which

naturally raises cellular energy, aids in conversion of tryptophan to neurotransmitters for

anxiety/depression). It aids in Weight Loss (coenzyme in utilization of carbohydrate, fat,

and protein, clears cellular toxic salts so fat cells dissipate). It helps prevent PMS

symptoms (it is depleted by pregnancy, lactation, oral contraceptives, stress, radiation, and

aging) Some individuals seem to be genetically predisposed to higher 86 need. Deficiency

symptoms may include elevated cholesterol., hair loss, irritability, visual disturbance,

tingling hands/feet, neuritis, numbness/cramps in arms and legs, water retention, cracks

around the eyes and mouth, depression, slow learning ability, muscle weakness, arthritis

tendencies. carpal tunnel syndrome, impaired mineraVprotein metabolism, violent

behavior, Parkinson’s syndrome, muscle paralysis, toxemia and vomiting of pregnancy

(morning sickness),, motion sickness, male sexual problems, diarrhea, hemorrhoids,

pancreatitis, insomnia, spasm types of heart and blood vessel disorders, hypertension,

burning feet, some types of kidney stones, hypoglycemia,Bl2 deficiency (86 is needed for

absorption), achlorhydria, acne, and tooth decay.